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MAAK Solutions is a global, enterprise service provider, of an exciting blend of premium-quality technology and marketing services. We provide services and solutions which dramatically increase business performance on both short-term and long-term business scales.

Company Background
MAAK Solutions was established in 2004 as an IT consulting company and Software House under the supervision of experience professionals having good experience of IT consultancy and software Engineering.

MAAK Solutions offers its services to guide business through the myriad of choices and decisions that range from Software Development, Hardware Recommendations, Web Development and much more. Clients choose MAAK Solutions for our commitment to their success, our dedication to delivering our promise, and the straightforward and collaborative way we work with them. At MAAK Solutions, we are focused on success of our clients business in a collaborative, goal-focused, business-driven way designed to help our clients meet their business objectives and maintain their competitive advantage. We are committed to deliver quality software solutions and services to both domestic and international clients on time and within budget using latest tools and SMART approach.

With a perfect combination of time, strategy, result oriented approach, state of the art technology and strong working potential we are capable of addressing a wide range of software and IT needs.

MAAK Solutions offers a consulting service to guide businesses through the innumerable choices and decisions in the following aspects of IT:  Software Analysis, Planning and Development Implementation Development

Our Team
MAAK Solutions is an energetic and dynamic place to work. We have the services of highly skilled individuals with a diversified exposure relating to IT, Service industries and Healthcare. Our team comprises experienced and skilled individuals having good knowledge on latest technologies. They know what works and what doesn’t and try to come up with solutions, which are a combination of creativity and innovation. People at MAAK Solutions have a great time developing the right products for their clients.

Our company has the skill and expertise to deliver high quality software. We utilize the latest technologies to deliver state of the art websites. We specialize in the development of advanced web based database applications. We can develop a custom Windows based application to fit your specific needs. Whether it is a simple single user application or an enterprise scale database application.
Application Migration Design/Development Server Applications / E-Business / M-Commerce based Development interfacing applications Administration  

Every Customer is unique
Every business is unique and for that reason MAAK Solutions believes that you need software that works for you. By developing bespoke software to your exact requirements MAAK Solutions can make your business more efficient and profitable, allowing you to deliver a more effective service to your customers. We will design your solution to integrate with your existing IT systems to help you get an even better return on your investment.

It is specifically designed for your particular requirements and can be tailored to fit in exactly with the way that your business or organization wishes to operate. can be customized to interface with other software that you operate with the potential to provide you with a fully integrated IT infrastructure across your whole organization. Software can be tuned to your specific needs thus providing you with performance benefits that are just not feasible with packaged software. Will usually find it easier and more intuitive to use as it should not contain unnecessary or superfluous facilities and should operate in the way that they are used to working.is much more flexible than packaged software and can be modified and changed over time as your requirements and business practices change. Use of professionally developed bespoke software applications can give you a significant business advantage over your competition. Can incorporate business processes that are specific to you and which do not exist in any packaged solution.
Our Methodology
MAAK Solutions specializes in the Design and Delivery of bespoke Solutions to meet our customers' specific needs, delivering a reliable, cost effective, quality solution. Through delivery of bespoke solutions that utilize the latest available technology, we provide a proven, low risk and cost effective bespoke solutions to cater for our customers' current and future business needs.

Familiarise & Understand
When starting a process it is important that we understand what the ultimate objective of the solution is and how it will improve current processes in the organization. This is what we measure ourselves against to ensure that we can achieve the objectives being set. This part of the project is critical to the success of the project as getting it wrong here will impact the entire software development lifecycle model

Prototype and Design
As part of the Analysis we undertake the development of a prototype where we take a section of the application and using our framework and development toolset we write a number of the screens to show the users the look and feel of the processes. During design sessions, we work closely with users and managers of the application to refine the prototype. This is an iterative process and several design sessions may be required before the prototype is finalized. We find that these sessions help the users to understand how the solution is being delivered and also how it will look and feel.

Develop & Test
During this phase, the system is built according to the specification. Functionality is added to the front-end prototype through lower level code and object-oriented techniques. There are review and progress meetings held with the client and where the project is tracked and any issues which arise are discussed and resolved.
As part of the process we will carry our interviews with the people involved with the project so that we can understand the objectives and also become familiar with the how the application is to be used.

Install and Train
We undertake to install the application on the required servers along with any databases. We create the necessary tables etc and insure that any backup scripts are prepared so that these can be incorporated into backup routines. The application is tested to ensure that it functions. The system is normally put into three environments to support Testing, Training and Production.
The implementation of the application consists configuring the system and arranging any data migration which is required and identified as part of the Analysis stage. This will ensure that all reports are operating and the system operates in all three environments. As part of this stage we support the users who will be involved in Acceptance testing.
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